The Last Stand of the Teir 'Dal: EverQuest Next's First eBook

For those of you that don't know, along with the launch of EverQuest Next's new website, a 52 page lore book written by Maxwell Alexander Drake was released. The eBook gives us our first glimpse at the newly revamped EverQuest lore, and is just the start of what seems to be a fresh new take on Norrathian history.

What's it about?

The story follows Keramore Thex, an Elven prince who is commander of an elite group of warriors called the Teir 'Dal. (Those of you who are conversant with previously established EverQuest lore might associate the word Teir 'Dal with the Dark Elves).The events of the story are set during the fall of Bastion, a major city of the Combine, an alliance of elves, dwarves, ogres, humans, kerrans, and gnomes. The Combine are in a losing war with an alliance of dragons called the Ring of Scale. Without spoiling too much, Keramore and his Teir 'Dal are tasked with distracting the Ring of Scale while the remaining forces of the Combine flee to Kunark. The story has some twist and turns and a very interesting, albeit incomplete, conclusion.

Is it worth reading?

All too often lore written outside of a MMO is not the quality one would expect it to be. I'll freely admit that I did not expect the Last Stand of the Teir 'Dal to be any different. I am also happy to admit that I was very wrong. If you are at all interested in the lore of EverQuest Next, then it is absolutely worth reading. Not only is it a great lore piece, but It is a masterfully written story that keeps you engaged the entire way through. Maxwell Alexander Drake is a great writer and the fact that Sony Online Entertainment got him to write this piece really shows their dedication to provide quality lore outside of the actual game.

If the Last Stand of the Teir 'Dal is a prelude of whats to come of lore written outside of the game, I can not wait to see what the other authors SOE have gotten to write lore pieces have to offer.



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