Dissecting the EverQuest Next Map

For us, one of the most exciting things about EverQuest Next is the opportunity to explore a re-envisioned Norrath. We decided to try to guess some of the areas and cities on the map, compared to Norrath in the original EverQuest. How do you think we did?

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Make Your Own Map

How do you think we did? Download our map template and city icon, and come up with you own vision for Norrath. Post a comment here with a link to your creation, and see what others think.

Our Thoughts

When we saw the map revealed at SOE Live, we initially had a difficult time seeing how parts of it fit with prior renditions of Norrath. The zones that we knew and loved have been re-arranged, re-envisioned, and in some cases removed entirely. We're not sure what happened to Faydwer and Odus, but we can only hope they're somewhere in Norrath for us to discover.

The easiest zone to identify is probably Lavastorm. It's the only volcano on the map, so it was a no brainer. Everfrost and Permafrost also stand out, being the only snow covered regions on the map. The area we picked for the Plains of Karana is the flattest, and is consistent with the characteristics we'd expect. The rest of the areas weren't quite as easy though.

Our pick for Innothule Swamp stands out, being covered in rivers. The Desert of Ro could be where we picked it, or possibly in the Southwest of the map. What do you think? The Commonlands were a major hub connected to Freeport in the original EverQuest, on the East coast. Based on the vegetation and its geographical location, we're guessing it's just North of Innothule Swamp. In the original EverQuest, Misty Thicket was surrounded by mountains. Anyone remember Kithicor Forest at night? Nightmares! We went with the center of the map for Misty Thicket, due to the mountain valley. 

We're excited to see what SOE reveals in the coming months about this exciting new addition to the EverQuest franchise.



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