Fall of Bastion: EverQuest Next's New eBook

Fall of BastionEverQuest Next's newest eBook written by Robert Lassen is here for all to see! Those of you that frequent the EQ Next website might be wondering how you could have missed such an update.

Well, fear not because it's not just you. Sony Online Entertainment made this particular eBook unlockable through the the EverQuest Worlds app along an MP3 featuring Fall of Bastion music.


While I do not think that the means of unlocking Fall of Bastion was a good idea, the novella did have an interesting story.

What's it about?

The story takes place concurrent to the events of the Last Stand of the Teir'Dal; however, instead of following Keramore Thex, we follow Coralen Larkos Arch Mage of Bastion. (Those of you who read the first eBook may remember Coralen) Coralen is tasked with misleading the Ring of Scale through an illusion spell while the remaining forces of the Combine begin their exodus to Kunark. Like Last Stand of the Tier'Dal, the ending, while abrupt, is very fascinating.

Is it worth reading?

In my last review I indicated my hope that Last Stand of the Teir'Dal was only a prelude of what was to come. I am glad to say that I enjoyed Fall of Bastion just as much as EQ Next's first eBook. It seems that SOE has a knack for introducing me to great authors. Robert Lassen is a solid writer and the way he portrayed Corelan, specifically his inner monologue, was splendid . Corelan's offensive, often disturbing perspective provided a stark contrast to Keramore's innocuous, honor bound one. Another thing worth noting is that, through the character Brozka, Fall of Bastion illustrates how Ogres are portrayed in EQ Next's new, revamped lore (hint: awesome).

I have to say, reading EQ Next's first two novellas really made me think that SOE should hire one of these authors to write a full fledged novel set in the new Norrath. I can only hope that the higher ups at SOE are of the same mindset and are already working diligently to make it happen. Lore nerd's dreams aside, I cannot wait to see what other lore books SOE has in store for us!


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