Community Highlight: A Musical Tribute to EverQuest

Earlier today, Andoran posted a new thread here on the forums about his original musical tribute to the EverQuest series that is a must-listen:

From his YouTube description:

Quote from Andoran

I was a younger man composing and performing fusion jazz music when I created my Everquest account in April of 1999, and it opened a world to me I didn't know could exist. I made many new friends, many that I have actually met and know in real life. We had many great adventures and made many great memories.

My oldest daughter and her husband met in Everquest when they were teenagers, and they had my first grandson last May. So when she told me about the unveiling of Everquest Next at SOE Live, it stirred up lots of good memories and I began following it.

I was very excited to learn that Jeremy Soule was hired to do the music for it, he is a generational talent and I admire his body of work immensely. All the memories and emotions began to move me musically, along with excitement for Everquest Next.

So I began arranging and composing this musical tribute as a way to share my feelings and memories with others.

I took the liberty of combining the original Everquest theme in an arrangement with Mr. Soule's initial work in the opening movements, and from about 1:55 the rest of the score is original and I let the music say what I could not express in words.

It's been a labor of love, and my only hope is that it stirs similar memories and emotions in others.

Personally, I think he did a fantastic job in capturing the essence of the series and hope that he continues to produce more original pieces like this in the future. If you enjoyed what you heard, make sure that you let him know!



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