EverQuest: What's Next? Panel at E3

Earlier today SOE hosted a panel called "Everquest: What's Next?" on Twitch during E3. If you want to get to the bit about EverQuest next, you'll need to jump ahead to about 32:07. Here's a run-down of what's been talked about, but I highly suggest that you watch it for yourself:

  • Team Introduction: Dave Georgeson (Director of Development), Terry Michaels (Senior Producer), Darrin McPherson (Lead Designer), Rosie Rappaport (Art Director), Jeff Butler (Creative Director)
  • They're hiring!
  • Design philosophy: they want the game to be fun, new, and different
  • They are really looking forward to reveal EQ Next at SOE Live
  • Talking about the #MyEQStory project, showing the Curse's trip to SOE Live giveaway
  • Donovan Duncan, VP of Marketing for Curse, is one of the only people to have seen EQ Next
  • EQNextFans.com is mentioned! :D (We're still really, really new but hopefully we'll grow from here!)
  • Showing some #MyEQStory videos made at E3
  • Dave and Terry discuss SOE Live
  • Wrap up with a video about SOE Live
  • Celebrity #MyEQStory video with Adrianne Curry, Jace Hall, and Wilmer Valderrama (@57:47)


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