EverQuest Next Kerran Concept Art

I am excited to show you guys something new today! One of our members (who wish to remain anonymous) sent me something very interesting. As shown below, they managed to stumble across a [previously] unreleased piece of concept art:

click for full image

The file name itself is kerran.jpg. Now excuse my lack of lore knowledge, but as I've read, 1) Kerran is the language of the Kerra (EQ2) and Vah Shir (EQ), 2) the Vah Shir are an off-shoot clan of the Kerra. So which player race is it that we'll see? Which would be more likely? My bet is on the original Kerra race.



  • #12 Bonez_

    Nice Grab Khalija!

  • #11 Khalija

    The official site is undergoing maintenance, but I managed to grab this screencap before it went down:

    click for full image

  • #10 Remeran

    Quote from Bonez_ »

    Sry for the first *party pooper* post but.... I don't want to play WoW again. 

    just cause there are some big shoulders doesn't mean it shares WoW's art style. I read a quote from one of the previous news articles that said their art team calls it: Heroic fantasy. I'm guessing that what they mean by that is that in eq2 because of the style armor never really felt heroic. You can have an in between that satisfies that criteria I think.

  • #9 Bonez_

    Sry for the first *party pooper* post but.... I don't want to play WoW again. 

  • #8 Thunndar316

    If the game resembles this art style I will be very happy

  • #7 Telshin

    Love the look. I'm thinking it will be Kerra, however, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing some more of Luclin in EQNext.

  • #6 Murzerker

    Nice!  I'd say Kerran for sure; Vah Shir were the chosen who fled to the moon Luclin.

  • #5 Manafasto

    Looks good and glad to see the race make the cut.

  • #4 Remeran



    I also like how it's exactly 1920x1080 perfect for my desktop background.

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  • #3 Adamar

    Looks fantastic

  • #2 Khalija

    All I can say is that I trust the source - I wouldn't have posted it otherwise.


  • #1 Remeran

    Do you know if it's legit concept art? If so I wonder if this is older concept art or new?! Too many question are raised with this Pandora's box you opened Khalija!

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