Lore Panel Videos

Tonight our video team was able to tape the Lore panel from earlier this evening. We'll have it written out for you guys in the next few days.



  • #2 mealeyst

    I actually am slightly happy for the lore reboot. The storyline from both Everquest and Everquest II got a little bit ridiculous for me. I mean I know it was fantasy and such, but getting into parallel time streams, and the Discord story line, the Drinal Story line... (We already had a god of death Anashti Sul) I felt like things were getting more and more ridiculous. Although I think I heard that the Shissar are now coming from a different planet or something? That and kobolds appear to be reptilian and not mammalian as they were in Everquest and Everquest II.

    Regardless, I think a chance to pull the reins in a bit, regroup, and create a more watertight lore isn't a bad thing.

  • #1 rayginmalkor

    why do devs always got to change the lore /sigh

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