Darrin McPherson Answers Some Questions on Twitter

Over the past few days, Darrin McPherson, Lead Game Designer for EverQuest Next, has taken to Twitter to help help clarify some things for those with questions about character progression and design:

Being limited to 140 characters, Darrin moved to the MMORPG.com forums to further explain classes, abilities, and weapons in an attempt to extinguish all confusion on the matter:

Quote from Darrin McPherson

Let me clear this up for everyone. The current plan is that each class has a pair of weapons that they can use. Each of these weapons gives the class 4 unique abilities themed for the class. These 4 abilities are earned over the progression of the class. So if a class uses 2 swords and a spear then they get 4 abilities for the sword and 4 for the spear. This list does not grow beyond 4.

Why did we choose this design?

As we stated in the class panel our many classes is each very focused. Very very focused on a particular gameplay style. We also want each to be very visually distinct and identifiable. Both of these goals become impossible to reach with too many abilities

As has been pointed out n this thread, in EverQuest Next you are able to become any one of 40 classes at launch. These will feature a wide variety of equipment choices, ability load outs and multi-class options. On top of that you can mix character abilities between classes for even more customization. Trust me there is something for everyone here.

Another thing that I cannot overstate - this is not your typical mmo. Our class and progression model cannot be accurately compared to anything on the market today. We have played the games you have played. We know exactly what you are talking about when you bring up issues. Our hope is that together we can make a game we all want to play.

Moving back to Twitter, we have one more interesting tweet for those of you hoping to steamroll dungeons with a group of the same class: you might run into a few issues along the way.

After reading, what questions do you still have about character development?



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