EverQuest Next Landmark Information from gamescom

When 7 AM Pacific rolled around, it looked as if we weren't getting a EverQuest Next stream today, especially since the stream disappeared from the ESL streaming schedule. Thankfully, that wasn't the case and eventually they began showing today's EQ Next Landmark panel! Here is some new information I gleaned from it:

  • Tinting system will be in game (dye customization).
  • Adventurer class: You'll be able to multi-class on day one with the adventurer class as your secondary class (you can bring your toon over from EQ Landmark).
  • Open-player market stalls where you can sell items to other players.
  • Ley lines, heroic waypoints... and MOUNTS.
  • You'll be able to gather resources & make tools. Will be crafting tables, some require group participation to make stuff, some tables will be rare.
  • They are currently showing a timelapse video of 2 players changing the terrain themselves using Landmark tools.
  • There will be spherical brushes to help smooth builds, etc.
  • Friends list, guild structures, co-op buildouts, text chat, VoiP, SOEmote, LEADERBOARDS.
  • Player Studio: Achievement system for creators and consumers, filter and follower options (like subscribing to creators).
  • Players can package up claims/deeds and sell them.
  • You can record while you create/change landscape/claim and then upload it to YouTube.

I may have missed some highlights, but I will update this post if I find anything else!


The recording is up on YouTube thanks to Anostalgia:



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